100 ESTonishing toys

Exhibition “100 ESTonishing toys” includes a careful selection of a little over a hundred toys with which Estonian girls and boys have played over the past one hundred years. It also displays photos of children both with and without toys for every decade.
Dolls, animals, toy vehicles and board games were the most popular toys and therefore the exhibition features namely these.  Some of the toys reflect technological advances: electrical, space-themed and electronic toys. Chess, ball puzzles, sharpshooting, car racing and tens of other old precision and skill games can now be played on a single small smart device.

Although the exhibition cannot possibly display all the toys, we hope that every visitor finds something familiar from their childhood, something that will make their eyes shine and heart beat faster. To make it even more fun, visitors can enter a classical improvised play house, shovel sand into buckets in a sandbox and cruise on the streets of a toy city. We hope you have a great time!