Barbie 60th anniversary in the Toy Museum

Beautiful, fashionable, miraculous, fairy-like world will open for the Toy Museum visitors as hundreds of Barbie dolls are displayed until the end of the year. Barbies can be seen conquering fashion stages, engaging in family activities and exploring the world of fantasy. Furthermore, even such dolls that usually decorate the shelves of collectors are presented.

Even though the doll was created in 1959, by today it has become a global toy, fashion and cultural icon. The oldest displayed Barbie-dolls date back to early 1960s, the newest are collection dolls produced especially for the anniversary year. In addition to examining a variety of dolls, visitors are invited to spend time in exhibition’s cozy playing areas.

The doll’s creator Ruth Handler has said: ’My whole philosophy of Barbie was that, through the doll, the little girl could be anything she wanted to be.’ Barbie has delighted millions of children, undergone multiple changes in skin colour, hair length and body proportions, and tried her hand at more than 200 professions. At the same time she has been both an example and a great playing companion. More likely than not, the latter is also the reason why we get to celebrate the Barbie-dolls 60th anniversary this year.

Dolls from both private collections and the Toy Museum collection are displayed.