Exhibition ’Hot Wheels 50!’

From April 4th - August 5th in the Tartu Toy Museum

There are over 500 Hot Wheels model cars from different times exhibited in ’Hot Wheels 50!’ The oldest of them dates back to 1968, when the first Hot Wheels models were introduced to the world. On the other hand, the newest of the displayed items have been produced this very year, and are therefore decorated with jubilee logos.

The release of Hot Wheels exactly 50 years ago was directly influenced by the fact that Elliot Handler, co-founder of Mattel, wanted to create a toy for boys that would become as famous and influential as the Barbie-doll had already proven to be among girls. Moreover, Handler desired to compete with the England-based company Matchbox, which also produced toy cars, and surpass them.

Handler’s idea for a new toy line was based on a notion that Matchbox only made small copies of actual cars, yet Mattel’s intention was to offer children cool designed hot rod and custom cars.

While only 16 toy cars were released in 1968, 2018 saw 365 different models to be chosen from. In addition to well-known cars from the streets and racing tracks, Hot Wheels’ range includes items such as Batman’s Batmobile, Motosaurus the dinosaur-shaped vehicle and a car shaped like the cartoon character Snoopy, amongst others.

Both old and new models can be admired at the Toy Museum exhibition, one or two facts about Hot Wheels’ history can be absorbed and, of course, wicked race tracks are waiting to be played at.

Want to race? Challenge accepted!

Partners: Rimonne Baltic OÜ and toy collector Viljar Sard.