Dollhouse museum

DOLLHOUSE MUSEUM is open Wed-Sat from 11:00 am to 6:00 pm.

DOLLHOUSE MUSEUM  is located in a beautifully-arched basement of the Theatre Home. Guests are greeted by already familiar mechanical dolls inside the automated doll-theatre, while the remaining exhibition rooms are reserved for the magical world of the dollhouses.

The exhibit introduces dollhouses and other living rooms from collector Heli Mänd’s pirivate collection. Whereas the oldest displayed houses are nearly 100 years old, the newest ones are quite contemporary. A wide variety of materals have been used to make the dollhouses: wood, plywood, tin, plastic and cardboard, and it is even possible to see such houses that have been made from old suitcases. Furthermore, many houses are not products of toy manufacturers, but have instead been constructed by Heli Mänd herself. In addition to these special examples, houses from Sweden, Germany, England and Russia can be seen.

In the farthest and most secret hideout of the basement, there is a room of a medieval dwelling that was discovered during the building’s renovation. In there, a rare hypocaust stove dating back to the 14th century is can be found.

The dollhouses can be seen for free by all those who come to the Theatre House to see plays. From Wednesday-Sunday, the dollhouse exhibition can be accessed with a regular Toy Museum ticket.